Rules of the Ninja, 1

1. Infinity is Boundless; Be first your own Infinite nature.

The Rules of the Ninja are a collection of short sayings or proverbs I put together for Louis in a poster that hangs in his room. There was a time Louis wanted to be a ninja; such an interest in him seemed to present the opportunity to discuss some of the deeper parts of that business.
The collection is certainly not exhaustive, but were what I could fit onto a single page. I did try to put the sayings into some kind of order, though; especially Number One, following the rule of Highest First. This is the first; I'll post them 1 by 1 on occasion.

Infinity has been the goal of my quest for many years- boundless is what I want to be! Looking for it in different ways and different places has been very fruitful; more on that in later posts. An important instruction for me was the concept of 'Infinity in a point value'.
Like the many seemingly conflicting opposites or dualities in life, Infinity-in-One is an ever-present coexistence, like finding the Cosmos in a grain of sand, or all possibility in a moment of time, a Gestalt. Zen, with its always pointing finger, certainly is pointing this way. Catching such a thing, being THAT, in our awareness, and maintaining it, is samadhi, nirvana, Enlightenment. That is truly what I want to be e-e.
Sports have long been one of the most constant and regular avenues into such an awareness for me. The Zen of surfing, soul surfing, of the '70s, was an early introduction. Night mountain biking has been a more recent tool for turning off the thinking mind and just letting it all flow so as to navigate narrow trails between the trees and down the hills under star or moonlight, watching, breathing, grooving, being.
Meditation is a side of organized religion that doesn't get a lot of popular attention. It is a very direct approach to discovering one's own nature, and from which experience Infinity first loudly hailed me, 'LOOK!'.
I began meditating when I was 17, and continue to to this day. I have stopped meditating at different times, pointedly to gain a reference point of not meditating with which to compare. When I begin meditating again after such a hiatus, it is very clear that my life is better with meditation. I will have a lot to say in future posts about meditating.
One more time, just so we don't forget-

Infinity is Boundless; Be first your own Infinite nature.

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