Fujikawa from the Sky

Here is a satellite picture showing the Fujikawa River and rivermouth, the town of Fujikawa (the area between the river and the hills on the left), and the top of Suruga Bay. The circle shows the location of the house we'll move into in April.

An Overhead Shot of the 'Hood

An aerial close-up of the 'hood. That large beach near the bridge is about 150 steps from the house.

To Our House from Horai-Bashi

Turn in behind the Suzuki car shop opposite Horai-bashi and park on this small road on the left side. Then walk up the second road on the left. Our house is the second house on the left.


Road Map to Our House

Our house (the tip of the red arrow) is near the junction of Route 10 (parallels the Fujikawa River) and Route 76 (from Yui and Matsuno to Fujinomiya). See above photos/maps for parking.